Why Do a PADI Continuing Education Course on You Next Dive Trip?

Many people equate doing a PADI scuba diving continuing education course to the Open Water course they did. They think about all the time spent in the classroom viewing videos, doing theory, exams, pool skills, all to just enjoy four dives where they had to complete more skills. However, that first Open Water course teaches a non-diver how to become a diver and therefore takes a longer period of time. […]

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Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen

Scuba diving in playa del Carmen has always been a great option for divers. You can get all the advantages of a remote island getaway with all the perks of being in Mexico. There are many wonderful local shops and amenities to make your trip easy. The water doesn’t get much better than the Caribbean Sea. It’s warm, clear, calm and bustling with exotic sea life. People come from all […]

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Balancing a Family Holiday When You Are the Only Diver: Playa Del Carmen Diving

If you are the only diver in your family, you have had this dilemma; how do I spend time with my family while sneaking in a few dives? It can be as simple as allowing your non-diving family member or friend to join you on the dive boat to either snorkel, read a good book, or see you do a super fabulous James Bond back roll off the boat. Also, […]

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Diving in Playa Del Carmen: Bullshark Dives

Scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen offers something for all divers whether it is the shallow easy reefs, the deep walls, or technical diving. One of the highlights of Playa Del Carmen is the annual Bull Shark migration that makes its way to area in late November. Bull Shark Diving in Playa Del Carmen Every year in late November, the pregnant female Bull Sharks make their way to the shallow […]

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Stunning Cenotes Playa del Carmen

When it comes to diving cenotes Playa del Carmen is one of the best locations in the world. Cenotes are the natural openings to the underground rivers that hold deep stores of pure, naturally filtered water. When you are planning your diving vacation in Playa del Carmen, there are a few cenotes you should definitely not miss. Dos Ojos The “two eyes” cenote is perhaps the most popular cenote with […]

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4 Emergency Ascents to Know for a Scuba in Playa Del Carmen

When going on a scuba in Playa Del Carmen, it’s always a good idea to be familiar with emergency ascent techniques. Although rare, emergency situations do happen from time to time. So, what’s considered an “emergency ascent”? If you’re critically low on air (or out of air), or your air regulator has malfunctioned, or if you’ve become injured, you’ll want to get to the surface as quickly as possible. Otherwise, […]

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World Class Cozumel Scuba Diving

If you’re planning your dive vacation, it sometimes can be a challenge to decide on the best location for your next trip. There are so many places around the world where excellent scuba diving can be found. But there are several reasons that make scuba diving off the island of Cozumel, Mexico, one of the best choices in the world. Here is a quick look at what it’s like going […]

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Playa Del Carmen Diving: Diving Tortugas

There are several fabulous dive sites in Playa Del Carmen but there is a great deep reef to the South. Not a point on the map but a wide open area that is free from any hunting or fishing; a preserve and protected area for sea turtles to roam free without harassment. For the turtle lovers, Tortugas offers a wide range of species to include the Green, Loggerhead, and the […]

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Diving in Playa Del Carmen: Try Diving

Are you looking for that fun family activity that will have lasting memories? The Try Diving program is just that; an activity that brings the family together and is available for all persons from the age of 10 and up. Try Diving also known as Discover Scuba Diving is a PADI program that allows anyone to get into the ocean and explore the underwater world in only a few short […]

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Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen: PADI Scuba Diver Certification

Diving in Playa Del Carmen Mexico is a great place to learn how to scuba dive and divers now have the potential to earn a certification in just one day. We know that holiday travelers are sometimes on a time schedule and we will do everything possible to help you obtain your entry level certification in one full day. PADI International has a couple of options for the entry level […]

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