Are you looking for the dive of a lifetime? Do you want to put the thrill back into your underwater adventures? Last season was amazing and we expect this season to be even better; there is nothing else like a Bull Shark dive in Playa del Carmen. Get up close and personal with these 9′ long, 500 pound perfect animals of the ocean. Last year, it was not uncommon to see 15-25 Bull Sharks on a single dive.

Diversity Diving is making a donation to the Project AWARE Finathon Project to raise awareness and save these magnificent animals before it’s too late.

Price: $89.00 for a 2 tank Dive

1 tank with the sharks and 1 tank on a Playa reef.

Do you think you want more? One tank isn’t enough and you want to keep your heart racing and the blood pumping?
2 tank Bull Shark dives are now available

Price: $104.00
Take it one step further and max out your bottom time with two tanks of Nitrox.

Price: $110.00

*$5.00 of your dive cost will be donated to Project AWARE

Diversity Diving does not bait or chum the waters. We descend to 75′ and let them come to us. Our goal is to teach and educate our divers on the shark population and the effects we are having on their numbers. We respect their space and admire the perfection.

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