Playa del Carmen is a popular vacation location for scuba divers, because there are many types of dive sites that you can access in this area. If you want to have an experience that you will never forget, then you should consider scheduling a trip to see the sharks. There are two species of sharks that come to Playa del Carmen on a seasonal basis, and you can see these sharks depending on the time of year that you schedule your vacation.

Bull Shark Diving in Mexico

The bull sharks come into the area between November and February every year, and these beautiful creatures can be found during your dive trip. There is a specific location called “Shark Point” which is a sandy bottom dive, and you will rest on the sandy bottom of the ocean while the sharks are called into the area.

Don’t worry, there are minimal risks to bull shark diving. These shark are well fed and they aren’t aggressive towards humans. We have a good understanding about their swimming and feeding patterns, and we plan the dive and watch the shark behavior to keep you safe during the whole dive. Unlike other dive shops in the area, at Diversity Diving, we don’t feed the sharks during the dive, in order to maintain the safety of our guests.

Whale Sharks in Mexico

Whale sharks are large, majestic creatures, and hundreds of them come into the warm Caribbean waters during the months of May to September. The local laws don’t allow people to go scuba diving with these sharks, but you have the option to go on a snorkeling day trip where you can swim side-by-side with the whale sharks.

During the day of snorkeling, you can go free diving without a tank. During high season, it is very easy to find many whale sharks in one location. Make sure to take your camera to capture these beautiful creatures so that you can always remember the trip!

If you are interested in learning more about diving with sharks in Mexico, then we invite you to contact us today. Here at Diversity Diving, we can help you schedule a day trip when you are vacationing during shark season.