As you plan your diving vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, you may be wondering what type of certification you’re going to need in order to dive the cenotes.

This is a common concern, and many divers are surprised to learn that they don’t need a cave diving certification to go diving cenotes in Playa del Carmen. In fact, any scuba diver with good buoyancy can be led into the cenote by a certified cave diver or instructor. Once you are comfortable in the open water and have the technical skill to maintain a controlled buoyancy, you are probably ready to dive in one of the amazing cenotes.

This is because technically, cenote diving is different from cave diving. You can explore the cenote without entering the cave portion that requires a cave diving certification. This makes basic cenote diving actually a “cavern dive” as opposed to a cave dive. In order to be a cavern dive, the entrance must remain visible, and a certain amount of overhead open space is required.

There are other safety strategies which are always followed, including a set number of divers for each certified guide. Also, many of the cenote dives feature guidelines that you can follow for safety, to prevent you from feeling disoriented. Disorientation is something that can happen in the cenote, often because of the lower levels of lighting and claustrophobia. Cenote diving does offer a challenge for an experienced open water diver, but with the right guide, it is a very safe and unforgettable experience.

Still, cenote diving isn’t for a first time diver. You’ll need to get some experience in the open water before you’ll be ready to dive a cenote. A good instructor will always want to have a true idea of your skill level before they take you into a cenote with them.

Your first step is to find an instructor that has a high level of experience and certification. They should be a certified cave diver. For experience, be sure to look at the number of dives as well as any awards or accolades they’ve received. And perhaps one of the best ways to choose your instructor when you’re diving cenotes in Playa del Carmen is to read reviews online and listen to word of mouth.

Once you have an instructor that you feel confident with, you’ll be ready to go diving cenotes in Playa del Carmen – no further certification required.

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