Are you looking for a unique scuba diving experience that you can only find in one place in the world? The Riviera Maya is the perfect destination for scuba divers, because there are many beautiful locations that you can visit during your dive trips. In Mexico, you can find freshwater cenotes, which are unlike anything that you have seen at other dive sites.

Here are a few reasons why you should go cenote diving when you are visiting Playa del Carmen:

  1. Rock Formations

When you go scuba diving in the cenotes, you will see that there are many beautiful rock formations that can’t be seen from the surface of the water. These formations were naturally created hundreds or thousands of years ago, and scuba diving in cenotes opens a whole world of natural beauty for you to explore.

  1. Water Visibility

The freshwater offers very clear visibility, which means that you will be able to see clearly throughout the cave. It is a different experience compared with diving in salt water. Other cave systems in different parts of the world have competing water sources that feed into the caves. But in Mexico the freshwater is filtered through the cenotes and it is very clear and crisp.

  1. Haloclines

In some places, you will see a unique phenomenon known as haloclines. These lines can be seen when the fresh water meets the salt water, and you can see the difference in the water. Salt water is denser, so it sits lower than the fresh water. In addition to the visible line, you can also feel the difference in water temperature. As you move lower into the salt water, you will feel a little warmer.

  1. Stunning Views

When you find yourself in a cenote that has a little bit of sunlight filtering into a large room filled with water, you will see a picture that you couldn’t imagine without experiencing it on your own. It looks like something from a different world, and it is breathtaking to see the light moving through the water to light up the caverns.

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