When it comes to diving cenotes Playa del Carmen is one of the best locations in the world. Cenotes are the natural openings to the underground rivers that hold deep stores of pure, naturally filtered water. When you are planning your diving vacation in Playa del Carmen, there are a few cenotes you should definitely not miss.

Dos Ojos

The “two eyes” cenote is perhaps the most popular cenote with divers and snorkelers alike. With two separate rooms to explore, this cenote offers something for everyone. One of the caverns is darker than the others, known as “bat cave.” It has breathtaking geological formations – best explored with a diving light. The other “eye” has much better natural lighting, which streams through the crystal blue water to create enchanting underwater scenes. It is definitely worthwhile to visit both sides of Dos Ojos cenote during your time diving cenotes in Playa del Carmen. You will not be disappointed!


This is another cenote near Playa del Carmen that is absolutely a must-see. Any nature lover will be amazed at the variety and quantity of decorations that have naturally covered the ceiling and walls of this cavern. There are impressive columns and delicate stalactites everywhere! This dive offers two separate tours, one going upstream and the other moving downstream in the underground river. If you can do both of them, all the better! This is also a good dive if you are a diver who is travelling with others who want to snorkel. If you’re looking specifically for amazing rock formations – this is the one to dive!

Gran Cenote

This is another nearby cenote, and it is very popular with divers because it is one of the most beautifully clear cenotes Playa del Carmen has to offer. The water is world-famous, turquoise and pristine. A large opening gives divers a well-lit cavern to explore.

Chaak Tun

This cenote is a local favorite, and often considered to be less commercialized than some of the other cenotes. And as one of the nearest cenotes to Playa del Carmen, it’s one you shouldn’t miss during your stay. Because of the lower ceiling and high bat population, it is relatively unknown compared to the other cenotes. However – it is well worth the trip, especially if you’re interested in exploring a cenote that is empty other than your group.

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