Scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen offers something for all divers whether it is the shallow easy reefs, the deep walls, or technical diving. One of the highlights of Playa Del Carmen is the annual Bull Shark migration that makes its way to area in late November.

Bull Shark Diving in Playa Del Carmen

Every year in late November, the pregnant female Bull Sharks make their way to the shallow waters off the cost of Playa Del Carmen. This annual migration puts these magnificent animals into the shallow areas between 35 and 100 feet if depth and we are happy to take our dives into the middle of the sharks for the scuba dive of a lifetime.

With over 400 shark dives last season, we have found that they are more active in the early afternoon than the morning. For those divers that want to see only a few sharks, we recommend the morning dives were 2-5 sharks is the norm. For those divers that want to experience everything that we have to offer, the afternoon dives often have 20-30 sharks in a single dive. Add in a second tank with the sharks or even some nitrox and we can extend our bottom time for the ultimate experience, rush, and photo opportunity.

The dive boat takes us over the sandy ocean bottom at an ideal depth of 75’ or 25 meters and as we drop, we slowly descend to the bottom. The shark dives are easy dives with minimal swimming and minimal buoyancy needed. We simply kneel down on the bottom and your instructor/guide will call the sharks to the group. We have also learned from experience that a maximum of 4 divers per instructor is what we take on the shark dives to help control the situation and make the experience great for everyone.

The sharks are curious by nature and will come to within a few meters of the divers. A slow and passive swim-by is exactly what we want to see. The sharks don’t mind the cameras and it seems that they want to pose for photos. We allow the Bull Sharks to approach and remain at depth until we run low on air and our tanks and then ascend to the surface. An easy dive but filled with adrenaline as these bulls are 8 feet long and weigh over 500 pounds.

Diversity Diving is the area leader in Bull Shark diving. We do not bait or chum the waters and bring the sharks to us in a safe and controlled manner. Contact us today for your upcoming holiday dive plans.