Playa Del Carmen scuba diving offers the opportunity to explore some amazing dive sites. Shallow reefs, deep walls, shipwrecks, Cenotes, and even sea turtle preserves are the foundation of the scuba diving environment in the Riviera Maya. “Playa Del Carmen Dive shops are not created equal and some take a greater approach to eco-conservation and reef protection” says Cheryl Rottler, owner of Diversity Diving and the best scuba instructor in Playa Del Carmen. “One of the greatest plagues facing the reefs of the Caribbean ocean is the invasive Lionfish (Pterois Volitans and Pterois Miles).”

Native to the Indo-Pacific region of the world, the Lionfish has no know natural predators in the Atlantic Ocean regions. This invasive species has now spread from North Carolina to Argentina and throughout the Gulf of Mexico with heavily populated areas killing over 450,000 native reef fish per acre per year.  Cheryl went on to say “A scuba diver with a spear is the only way to control the Lionfish population. We will never be able to eliminate this species from our oceans since each fish can lay over two million eggs per year, but we can force them off of the shallow reefs where most of our smaller fish live.”

Diversity Diving in Playa Del Carmen Mexico has taken the lead in the battle against the Lionfish by being the only dive center to offer the PADI Caribbean Lionfish Containment Course for the advanced diver as well as one and two tank dives to hunt the lionfish and remove them from the oceans. All lionfish removed from the oceans are donated and used to feed the local population. This fleshy white meat is considered a delicacy and demand for the lionfish is overwhelming.

Do your part to preserve the fragile ocean ecosystem. Together we can make a difference.

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