With Bullshark season coming to a close, we have a need for divers that want to assist in saving our reefs. Over the past few months, the Lionfish hunting in Playa Del Carmen has been minimal and their numbers have exploded since November. Diversity Diving in Playa Del Carmen is actively seeking divers that want to help control the Lionfish populations.

Native to the Pacific Ocean, the Lionfish is a menace to the Caribbean reefs with no natural predators, an overwhelming appetite and a reproduction rate of over two million eggs per year. Studies have shown that on reefs heavily populated with Lionfish, the consumption rate of reef fish can exceed 400,000 per acre. These numbers are destroying the natural balance not only in the waters of Mexico but also from Massachusetts to Argentina.

Controlling the Population:

Since there are no natural predators in the Caribbean waters, it is up to us as divers to save our reefs. As a general rule, we are opposed to any type of hunting or spearfishing but in regards to the Lionfish, we are willing to make an exception. There are no laws or permits required in Mexico to remove Lionfish and because of this we can take as many as possible. Often times we will make Ceviche with the Lionfish but their delicate clean white meat can be used to feed the local population and there is always someone willing to put the fish to good use.

Whether you choose to take the full PADI Lionfish Containment course or the simplified Lionfish Hunting dives, the only requirement is a willingness to do your part to help save the reefs for divers of all skill and certification levels. Diversity Diving has expertly trained instructors to teach and train in a safe and controlled manner which can bring a new dimension to your diving holiday.

Scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen gives divers the opportunity to not only explore the amazing undersea world, but also make a difference in the health of our local ecosystems.