For over 40 years, there has been one primary scuba education agency in North America and that has been PADI. Early in 2014, RAID started making waves in the dive industry by revolutionizing the ideas that have been too commonplace for so many years. By changing the training model and making some necessary charges, RAID divers are safer, more confident, and better trained than divers from other agencies.
How RAID Works

With its roots in Technical and Rebreather diving, RAID Open Circuit Diving is quickly becoming the leader in diver education. By offering all their courses in a downloadable book format for any computer, tablet, or phone, all students can begin their education at home and save their vacation for exploring the underwater world. Simply register online, choose your authorized RADI Dive Center, and download the manual. The interactive manuals and quick quizzes are relayed to the dive center that follows the student’s progress from start to finish. Need some extra assistance? Our instructors always make time for their students via email, phone, Face Time, or Skype. What good is an instructor if they are nowhere to be found when needed?

RAID Scuba Diver Education

When your bookwork is complete and the students have a basic knowledge of dive theory, it’s time for the pool. Your RAID instructor relies on small class sizes and personal service to educate through a proven and reliable teaching format. RAID allows instructors to use multiple tools, ideas, and techniques to create the best diver possible. With focus on the concepts of buoyancy, trim, and propulsion, RAID Divers learn the basics that so many other new divers from PADI and SSI are simply lacking. Do you believe that you have mastered buoyancy? Remove your fins and practice a perfect horizontal hover; it adds a new dimension to maintaining that perfect control. RAID Scuba Diving Center in Playa Del Carmen Let’s combine all of the theory with the pool sessions and move on to open water.

Scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen is an amazing place to learn how to dive. With dive sites with a maximum depth of 40’, visibility great than 100’, and mild currents, Playa has everything that a new diver could want. Diversity Diving is the leader in diver education and we pride ourselves on creating the best divers possible. Our staff has more than 50 years of experience and over 50,000 logged dives and we would be willing to stake our reputation on our commitment to diver safety, customer service, and diver education. It’s our name on the back of your certification card.