As any diver can tell you, scuba diving is a very safe pastime, if done properly. Without the proper safety precautions though, it can be a dangerous activity, which is why we put together this guide for safety tips that you can follow to help make diving in Riviera Maya especially safe.

Be Familiar with your Equipment

Some divers make the mistake of going diving in a new and unfamiliar place with new equipment. While it may seem like a good idea to break out your new things while on vacation, it can be an extremely serious mistake. A new piece of equipment could add small amounts of weight, which may seem completely inconsequential on dry land, but under the water can make huge differences that become exponential.

To avoid this, be sure to test out any new equipment in open water that is very easy for you to navigate before you take your new equipment on a more challenging dive.

Travel Safety

You might hear gossip that Mexico isn’t a safe place to travel, but that’s not true. Although there are some areas in Mexico that are plagued by gang activity, the same could be said of many American cities. Along the Riviera Maya, it’s a tourist-centered area and the locals are friendly and accommodating. With that said, follow the same travel guidelines that you would anywhere else. Get traveler’s checks, be sure to have the phone numbers to call if your credit cards are lost are stolen, and take advantage of a hotel safe if there is one. Wearing a purse that goes over your head rather than simply looping over your arm is a great idea. There are also hidden pouches that can loop over your belt, making it impossible for a thief to steal the money and credit cards inside.

It’s also a good idea to be aware of the phone numbers for the local police and the emergency rooms near your hotel, just in case. Travelling can be dangerous everywhere, but by taking a few smart steps, you can avoid the standard worries.


This might seem like a simple tip, but it’s an important one! Even though you’re underwater and wearing gear, any bit of exposed skin, even the small areas of your face and hands can become damaged from the sun. So slather on the sunscreen before you gear up.

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