For the past eight years, Diversity Diving has been an exclusive retailer for PADI courses and PADI products, but we believe that it is time for a change. Sitting on our shelves are over fifty Open Water manuals that cannot be used because the information has changed and the books are outdated. At $50.00 per manual, the amount of wasted money, paper, and resources is extensive.

8686458_origThe Alternative:

Though we still actively promote and teach PADI, we would also like for our potential students and customers to take a look at RAID and their online programs. The process is simple, sign up at, enter a few personal details, pick your desired RAID IT Center, and get started on your course. The dive manuals are easily downloaded to your computer or tablet and can be used anytime the student has a minute to study. The books are extremely informative and of a better quality than what we have seen in the past from other scuba certifying agencies.

Diving in Playa Del Carmen: Interactive Education

When students enter in their RAID Dive Center and begin the coursework, Diversity Diving gets regular updates on the student’s progress, incorrectly answered quiz and test questions, and feedback from the students. The students also get access to their instructor anytime they have a question or a concept is not fully understood. We have gone a step further by allowing our students instant access to their instructor from anywhere in the world via email, FaceTime, Skype video or Skype Phone.

Going Paperless: Raid Scuba Diver Education

Divers should be the promoters of conservation, not only underwater but above water as well. With millions of various dive manuals printed every year, the waste is difficult to fathom. We know from experience that 95% of dive books are never used after the certification is complete and most end up in the trash. In the year 2014, where nearly everything is digital, why not take your education online as well. When technology or data changes, the books need to be updated with the current information and this requires a reprint. The online system allows for the books to be updated quickly so that all students will have the current information whenever they open the course.

Course Selection: RAID Scuba Diving

In areas outside of the United States and Europe, we have a difficult time getting all of the books that we need for the various specialty courses. Often times we can’t teach a requested course because the Wreck diving or the Peak Performance Buoyancy course manual is not readily available. This is not the case with the new system as every book from every specialty is available with only a click on the manual once you are online.

We also understand that diving theory and taking course while on vacation is not what most people want to do. If a potential student can access the materials online from home and for no extra charge, then a majority of the vacation time can be spent in the water diving, not sitting in a classroom taking a quiz or watching a video.

As a PADI and RAID Dive center, we still offer both programs. Both are internationally recognized and both allow a certified student to dive at anytime, anywhere around the world. Being Eco-friendly in the modern era is something we all need to practice and an online system that reduces the need for printed materials is a good start.