What does ‘Mexico’ bring to mind? Music, passion, sombreros and a knock out tequila? Sure.
White sand beaches, a killer tan and lukewarm waters? You’re getting closer.
Gigantic twisting shoals of fish, kaleidoscopic coral and amazingly diverse marine life? That’s what Mexico means to me!

Jolt to that East coast point face-to-face with the Cuban coastline. Ah here we have a true pearl of the ocean, let me be the first to introduce you to ‘Playa Del Carmen’. Roughly translated in Spanish as ‘Beauty under the sea’ the sunny shores of… Okay okay I didn’t know you could habla español… a harmless joke. I admit ‘Playa’ to be the Spanish word for beach, it is true the seemingly meaningless word ‘del’ is just as it seems, it means ‘the’ sorry to get your hopes up. Carmen on the other hand means… Carmen, it’s the name of a place, come on fancy pants with all your languages!

Maybe it is not named so but Playa Del Carmen is as I say, a beauty under the sea. Surrounded by a cityscape of technicolored coral you will leave a piece of your heart in the depths of this aquatic metropolis. Hundreds of species swarm the ocean floor, a veritable 24 hour eco-frenzy. Crabs, Octopus, Rays, Lobsters and Rays pass by periodically, paying little attention to the bustling community of critters working their way between the coral.

Marvel at the scale of the ocean by looking a little further into the blue,  Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen has it all. By all I mean everything from Squids to Sharks, from Jellyfish to Turtles. If you’ve got luck on your side you stand a chance of spotting a Whale Shark cruising the depths.


What do I love most about Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen? It’s for everybody! If you’re new to diving prepare yourself for nothing extreme. Take your open water in minimal currents, breathe easy with high visibility and ample light. Dived before? Spend your time emptying that bucket list with the abundance of elusive species hiding in plain view. Consider yourself a professional? Nobody has seen everything but this is where they’ll come closest.

Are you excited about immersing yourself in the ‘beauty under the sea’? Take care of yourself and the environment that has provided this bountiful underwater world. There is so much to take in, remember never hold your breath while you take those pictures, practice neutral buoyancy to protect the coral. Don’t touch the marine life and be sure you trust your dive center and instructor.

Dive with Diversity Diving and find a team you can really feel comfortable with. Known for highly trained instructors and an impeccable record for safety and guest satisfaction you will feel less like a customer and more like a friend. Your instructor should be a guide, a mentor and a friendly face.  Dive with someone who not only knows the waters and keeps you safe, but with someone who cares about your scuba diving experience… find them at Diversity Divers.



This article was written by Jack Van Toorn
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