One of the most amazing things you’ll see while diving in Riviera Maya is the beautiful sea life. The area is home to reefs that are colorful and healthy, despite being very popular dive sites. The varieties of coral are habitat to a dazzling array of marine animals.

Perhaps the most popular of these are the endangered sea turtles. From May through September, the Riviera Maya is nesting ground for them. If you plan your trip accordingly, there is an excellent chance that you’ll see the turtles on the beach and in the water. You may even be able to witness the eggs hatching!

In the winter, schools of sailfish rush through Riviera Maya, offering divers the experience of swimming with the fastest fish in the world.

For more daring animal lovers, the Riviera Maya offers plenty of opportunity to dive with sharks. Bull sharks are abundant in the area through the months of November to March, and there are often shark dives. If you’re brave enough – this is a thrilling experience! Whale sharks frequent the Riviera Maya from May through September. These huge animals grow to be 40 feet long!

The wildlife assortment doesn’t end there. Rays, octopi, starfish and squid can also be seen in abundance in the area – not to mention the nearly endless variety of colorful common fish.

Something for All Skill Levels

While diving in Riviera Maya, you can actually have fun while improving your diving skills. This is because the area offers challenges for even the most skilled technical divers. Check out the huge walls in both Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The cenotes also offer a challenge and adventure for divers with good buoyancy. Some of the cenotes offer very little open water overhead, and sometimes there are tight enclosures. This environment can test your skill level and your comfort in the water. If you’re not ready for that type of challenge, there are also more open cenotes that remain naturally lit throughout the day – while still offering adventure and exploration.