If you have disabilities, then you know that there are some unique factors that need to be considered when planning a vacation. You need to make sure that the hotel is accessible, and your planned activities can accommodate you in certain ways. Here at Diversity Diving, our goal is to make scuba diving available to everyone—regardless of their physical disabilities.

IAHD Certified Instructor

We have an IAHD certified instructor in our dive shop, and she is trained specifically to help people with disabilities experience the amazing underwater world. IAHD stands for “International Association for Handicapped Divers” and it is a program designed to make scuba diving accessible to divers with disabilities.

Adaptions can be made during the dive trip to allow you to experience the freedom of flying through the water. Many divers with disabilities agree that they love the experience of scuba diving, because they are able to freely move through the water and explore without the constraints of their wheelchair or on-land assistive devices.

Accommodations can be made for people with spinal injuries, amputations, hearing impairment, sight impairment, and other types of disabilities.

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Disabilities

Sometimes, disabilities can’t be seen when you meet someone face-to-face, because there are certain mental and emotional disabilities that might make certain activities difficult for a person. Our dive instructors are trained to work with all types of disabilities, and we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about the accommodations that can be made on our dive boat.

We will give you the undivided attention that you deserve, and make adjustments to the diving equipment and your individual needs as required. Our Discover Scuba Diving program is available to anyone who wants to experience the amazing underwater world, and we encourage you to try scuba diving for a day. Many people with disabilities find that they love their scuba diving experience, and they can’t wait to go back for more dive trips.

Are you ready to experience a vacation that you will always remember? Contact us today, and we will help you plan your upcoming trip to Mexico. We offer a variety of dive packages, and we are always happy to help disabled divers.