Did you Know?

• Lionfish are from the Pacific and Indian Oceans and have no known predators in the Caribbean.
• The Lionfish invasion range is North Carolina to South America including the Gulf of Mexico.
• Lionfish have established throughout most of the Caribbean in less than five years.
• Lionfish reproduction occurs throughout the year and every 4 days.
• In the Caribbean, a single female Lionfish can spawn over 2 million eggs per year.
• Dense Lionfish populations can consume over 460,000 prey fish per acre per year.
• Lionfish inhabit all marine habitat types and depths (shoreline to over 300 m or 1000 ft)
• They consume over 70 different species of tropical fish and most are commercially, ecologically, and recreationally important.
• Normal Caribbean predators exhibit avoidance to lionfish
• Lionfish are susceptible to very few parasites compared to native species.
• Lionfish are edible and considered a delicacy
• Local removal efforts that are sustained can significantly reduce lionfish densities

Help Save our Reefs!

Diversity Diving is proud to offer the PADI Lionfish Containment Distinctive Specialty. Add a new dimension and challenge to your diving and help us save our reefs. Playa del Carmen is seeing large numbers of lionfish, especially at the deeper depths in excess of 60+ feet. The Lionfish course begins with a few hours in the classroom learning about this invasive species as well as safe handling techniques, humane culling, spear usage, cleaning, and cooking procedures. After the classroom, we will catch the 12:30 pm boat to search for these fish with the hopes of finding a few for our afternoon snack. Upon completion of your first dive, any lionfish will be cleaned and used for cevechi and will be available for a light snack after your day of diving is complete.

*None of the lionfish will go to waste as this is considered a delicacy in Mexico. Any unused or leftover fish will be given to the local population to feed their families.

Lionfish Specialty Course

2 hours in the classroom

• Theory
• Safety
• Handling
• Spearing
• Containment
• Cleaning
• Cooking

2 tank afternoon dives

Minimum of 1 fish contained, required per PADI standard.

Cleaning instructions and demonstration.

Cevechi and beverages after the COMPLETION of all dives.

PADI Lionfish Containment Specialty C-Card

Price: $130.00

Let’s Go Hunting

1 hour in the classroom

1 Tank deep dive followed by 1 tank on the shallow reefs.  Morning or Afternoon availability

Price: $74.00

Keep on Hunting

2 deep dives at a Playa Del Carmen site known for some massive lionfish. The hunting is always good and benefits to our fragile reef is nearly priceless.

Price: $80.00

Hunting on Nitrox

Significantly increase your bottom time with EANx 32.  Longer bottom time equals much more fun, a greater rush, and added benefits to the ecosystem.  We as divers are the only predators that the lionfish have in the Caribbean, help us do our part.

Price: $92.00

Lionfish Hunting in Playa Del Carmen

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