There are several scuba centers with pages on Trip Advisor. But many divers get lost when it comes to actually using those scuba Trip Advisor ratings to find a great fit for a destination dive shop. With so many dive shops listed on Trip Advisor, how do you pick the best one?

That’s why we wanted to share some tips on reading the ratings and using them to find the information you need the most!

Tip # 1 – Take bad reviews with a grain of salt

Clearly, bad reviews are important to read and understand. But they can also be misleading. Some people will put terrible scuba Trip Advisor ratings even if they had what other divers might consider a good experience. For example: “our group was so small, it was just me and my friend, and we had expected a larger group.”

Other divers might actually put a very poor rating for something that doesn’t even have to do with the dive center at all – for example: “Great instructor, but there was trash floating in the water!” While this may be true, and perhaps it did affect the experience, it’s not something the dive center has control over, and it could have happened to anyone.

The time to pay close attention to negative reviews is when there’s a pattern that has something to do with the experience offered by the dive center. For example, more than one review saying that the instructors are unfriendly or unsafe.

Tip # 2 – Don’t stop at Trip Advisor

Scuba Trip Advisor ratings are a great resource to help narrow down your search, but don’t stop there. Be sure to also check out the website for the dive center. Better yet, give them a call, or see if you can email or chat online with them. Once you have a good idea for how reliable they are with communicating with potential customers, you’ve added a human touch to your search.

Tip # 3 – Leave your own review to help other divers

After you have your own experience with a dive shop in Playa del Carmen, don’t forget to leave your own review to help other people who are planning their vacations. A detailed review can be helpful for others who are thinking about booking with the dive shop that you chose.

Here at Diversity Diving, our goal is to live up to the positive Trip Advisor reviews that are on our page! Contact us to schedule your upcoming scuba diving certification or day trips, and you will see why we have earned such as great reputation with other clients.