In Playa del Carmen, there are several different types of dives that you can enjoy. When you’re looking for PADI dive centers in Play del Carmen, it’s important to find a dive center that can offer you a chance to experience everything Playa del Carmen has to offer. Here’s a list of things that you should look for:


The cenotes are a truly life changing experience, and you should definitely look at a center that offers this type of dive. The cenotes can be challenging, and they are only for divers with good buoyancy.

Because the cenote dive requires an instructor certified in cave diving to be present, not every dive center can offer this service. However, it’s a great idea to make sure you have the option. Even if you’re not sure that you are ready to dive the cenotes, still look for PADI dive centers in Playa del Carmen that offer cenote trips. You might change your mind about choosing not to dive the cenotes.

A good dive center will do a test dive with you before you are taken on a cenote dive, to make sure that you have all of the skills you need.

Bull Shark Dives

When you’re looking for PADI dive centers in Playa del Carmen, be sure to find a center that also has a good program for bull shark dives. One of the things you should look for is an instructor who has a good knowledge for where the sharks will be during the various months of the year. Be sure to communicate with the dive center, and if possible, with the instructors and guides themselves. Even if you aren’t sure that you want to go diving with the bull sharks, this is an experience that you should be sure is an option at your dive center.

Other Options and Offers

There are some PADI dive centers in Playa del Carmen that offer several other options and services that you can take advantage of. For example, there are diver centers that offer great experiences for disabled divers. Other dive centers have instructors that speak various languages, making it possible for divers from around the world to enjoy the natural beauty of Playa del Carmen

Safety First

Most importantly, you should only look at PADI dive centers in Playa del Carmen that take safety extremely seriously. In fact, look for a dive center that treats safety as the highest priority.

Whether you are already certified and you want to plan some fun dives, or you are looking for a dive shop where you can complete your certifications, Playa del Carmen is a great destination! Contact Diversity Diving to learn more about the many options for scuba diving in Playa del Carmen.