Not so many years ago, the ideal vacation for the average American was sitting on a beach, sipping a cool drink and getting a natural tan.

But things have changed in the past few years, and more and more Americans are changing their idea of a great vacation. Today’s vacationer wants a more active, more rewarding vacation. They want to go home with more stories, and have a thrilling answer when someone asks “what did you do on your vacation?”

That need for adventure is why more Americans are now choosing to spend their vacation time scuba diving n Playa del Carmen.

Perfect Activity

Scuba is the perfect activity for the adventure-seeking vacation. Not only does it provide a physical challenge, but it’s also a mental challenge as well. When you learn to scuba, you actually come away with impressive skills. Unlike other adventure activities, with scuba, you are completely in-control and responsible for your experience. This means you get to actually say “I did it!”

At the same time, scuba is incredibly relaxing for the mind. There is something about the underwater environment that is naturally soothing. Floating weightless in the still waters, surrounded by marine life, has a quieting effect on the mind that lasts much longer than sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand ever could.

Perfect Location

The reason scuba diving in Playa del Carmen is becoming so popular is that Playa del Carmen is one of the best places in the world to dive, and for American’s it’s not too far from home. There are healthy coral reefs and exotic sea life. There’s a season for watching sea turtles hatch, and other for seeing migrating whale sharks. And the cenotes, cavernous entryways into the underground rivers offer an experience that can’t be matched anywhere in the world.

The atmosphere in Mexico is perfect for a vacation. The weather is beautiful year-round and the surrounding jungles and ruins offer thrilling sights to see. The locals are laid-back and encourage relaxation during the times when you aren’t diving. There’s a great selection of places to stay, some that are high-end and expensive, and others that are affor4dable but still have great amenities.

Many of the local merchants and shop owners speak English, which makes traveling easier. There’s a great night life, a huge selection of shops, and of course- great food.

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