Playa del Carmen is one of the top places in the entire world to go scuba diving. But if you’ve never been, it can be quite overwhelming to decide how to plan your trip. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide to help you plan your ultimate Playa del Carmen scuba diving vacation whether you are interested in seeing beautiful natural wildlife, haunting ship wrecks, or stunning cenotes.


Some of the best wildlife sightings are going to be the various varieties of fish and sharks around Playa del Carmen. The winter might be the best time to see bull sharks, but turtles are in abundance year-round. Plan your Playa del Carmen scuba diving vacation accordingly – but remember that every season offers pleasant weather conditions and plentiful wildlife. The nearby reefs are usually the first site that most divers will visit at Playa del Carmen. There are many beginner, intermediate, and advanced dives, where you can ride the current that carries you easily along as you view the abundance of sea turtles, coral, eels, and fish.

Underwater Landscape

The reef is one of the most well-known stretches of coral in the area. Colorful and healthy, the coral provides an underwater wonderland, complete with overhangs and arches that you can swim through. There are various reef formations, and you can spend a lot of time diving in different locations that are easily accessible from our Playa del Carmen boat.


There are several popular wrecks to explore in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding waters. Experienced divers can check out the Mama Vina wreck, which was a shrimp boat that sank in 1995. It is now covered in coral. Divers can circle the ship and explore some of the inner rooms. The currents can be strong at this wreck, so it will not be an option if you’re a beginner.

Underwater Caves

There is a long list of cenotes in the area, both for beginners and for experts. Chac Mool Cenote, for example, is a dive that is a popular dive site and it is a fascinating and unique experience. Cenote Taj Mahal offers beautiful rock formations and incredible lighting through holes in the ceiling for a dazzling effect.

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