The wildlife in the area is difficult to match, even in other popular dive sites such as Australia and Thailand. The sea turtles use Playa del Carmen as a hatching place, which draws nature lovers from around the world. During the whale shark season, divers can get close to the giant creatures in the placid water.

Coral in the area is healthy and colorful, and teeming with life. The huge variety of fish offers endless color and interest.

There are different dive sites in the open water that can challenge every level of expert diver. Several coral reef sites are calm, with almost no underwater current at all. This means that it’s the absolute perfect place for beginners. This offers a nice, relaxing experience. For those looking for more of a challenge, your knowledgeable dive guide can take you to several of the areas around Playa del Carmen where the current is more intensive. Those areas offer divers with higher levels of skill a challenge and a way to improve their skills while on vacation.

But for many divers, the crowning glory of the Playa del Carmen scuba diving scene is the system of cenotes that surround the area. These enchanting caverns are almost magical, drawing locals and tourists alike to swim, snorkel and of course: dive. Under the caved in openings, light streams through the holes in the ceiling and deep into the crystal clear water.

The layers of soil filter the rainwater that fills the cenotes, and the lack of any current keeps the sediment completely still.

There are underwater formations that allow for some challenges to your diving skills. Good buoyancy is a must for cenote diving, so be aware of that before your trip and be sure to brush up on those skills. There are a lot of great things to do in the area, but the best part of Playa del Carmen scuba diving is the cenotes.

Playa del Carmen scuba diving is a vacation that offers unforgettable memories to divers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a return veteran, every trip to Playa del Carmen will offer you something new and exciting to do. Contact Diversity Diving for more information about dive trips in Mexico!