There are so many dive shops and instructors in Playa del Carmen that many divers are left with a sense of confusion. How do you find the best when there is such a long list of choices? The truth is, there is an easy way to find the best scuba instructor in Playa del Carmen, and it only involves a little bit of effort on your end.

Step 1 – Do your Research

Word of mouth is supposed to be the best form of advertising, but it’s also the best type of information you can get about an instructor. See if you can locate some reviews online, read some client testimonies on the website and talk to other divers to find out what people are saying about the instructor. Also, read their website and learn about the instructors experience level. Ask how many dives they’ve guided and what type of certification they have.

Step 2 – Meet or Speak to Them

Honestly, there are several great instructors – so it’s not just about finding the best scuba instructor in Playa del Carmen, it’s about finding the best instructor for YOU. After all, you’re going to be putting your safety in the hands of this person, and also you’ll be sharing with them an experience that you’ll remember forever. You should feel comfortable, and you should have a high level of trust.

The best way to know if it will be a good fit is to talk to the person directly. Since many of people don’t live in Mexico (sadly!) we have to settle for phone conversations, emails, or live chats. Contact the dive shop early and often – and see how you feel each time you speak to them. Find out if you can speak to the instructor personally. Getting a feel for the personality and experience of your instructor will go a long way.

Step 3 – Have the Time of Your Life

With the right instructor, you’ll feel safe and confident in your ability to dive the cenotes or in the open water. Once you feel that confidence, you’re ready to leave your inhibitions on the shore and get down to the real reason you wanted to find the best scuba instructor in Playa del Carmen: so you could relax and have the time of your life diving!