Once you have your PADI Open Water dive certification, you’re ready to go on open water dives. But you might want to increase your skill level and get a higher level of certification.

That’s where the PADI advanced open water certification courses come in.

Several divers have a misconception that the PADI advanced open water certification is only for divers who have gone on several dives with their open water certification. However, the advanced course is actually not for divers who are advanced, but rather it is an advancement on the knowledge and information hat come from the open water course.

You can take a PADI advanced open water course immediately after finishing the first open water certification, even before you go on any dives.

In the PADI advanced open water course you’ll learn about some of the different diving specialties that are available, as well as the additional certifications. This is good if you aren’t sure about the different specialties and what you may be interested in getting later on.

In the advanced course, you’ll actually start to learn adventure diving. In fact, you’ll do five dives for your certification. One of them will be a deep water dive, and getting this done under supervision and with extra education is a great benefit for divers. You’ll be able to explore things that would have been intimidating before you took the course.

There is also an advanced look at underwater navigation, which will improve your underwater sense of direction. This is something that can be a huge challenge for all new divers, so getting the extra education is extremely beneficial.

Divers who have already achieved their open water certification can take a PADI advanced open water course. Start out by getting your open water certification, and then move forward to the advanced course when you want to increase your knowledge and skill set, to go on five amazing adventure dives, and to gain more confidence in your technical ability. Once you’ve gotten your advanced certification, you’ll have opened a door on a whole new underwater world of excitement and adventure.

The biggest advantage that comes from taking the PADI advanced open water course is the increased level of confidence. It helps divers feel more prepared and self-assured before going on dives. Your skills will be solid, and you’ll be ready to dive without nervousness getting in your way.

If you are ready to further your dive training, then right now is a great time to contact Diversity Diving about the RAID and PADI scuba certification courses that are available.