There are several different types of courses that you can take if you’re interested in scuba diving lessons in Playa del Carmen. Here at Diversity Diving, our goal is to provide you with the best scuba lessons that you can find in the area!

Beginner Scuba Lessons

If you want to get involved in scuba, your first step will be to get your open water certification. In those scuba diving lessons, you’ll learn the basics of the equipment that you’ll be using, including how the tank, mask, snorkel and regulator work. You’ll also learn about the monitor for your air supply and how to track your depth. Other skills involve the basics of scuba, such as buoyancy and breathing techniques.

Many open water certification courses start with course work that can be done online.   If you want to take this option, it will mean that you won’t get in the water as soon as you would if you did a class in-person at a dive center. With online scuba diving lessons, you simply get started with the coursework over the internet and then you’ll have to transfer to a dive center to do some training in the pool and the open water.

If you take a complete class at a dive center, you’ll likely start with some coursework but you’ll get into the water in a pool quickly. You’ll get to learn things hands-on that are covered online if you take an online course.

Diving During Your Scuba Certifications

The certification for open water will involve a set number of dives that you have to do.   These will either be done as you learn if you do a complete course at a dive center, or they can be done after you finish an online course. Some divers even choose to do them at a dive center at the vacation location after they’ve finished all of the online course work.

There are four confined water dives to start. These are usually done in a pool located in the dive center. The last step is the four open water dives. For many divers, this will be a part of an amazing vacation! If you want to get your certification done before you leave for your vacation, a local dive center will either conduct these dives in the ocean if you live near a coast, or a lake if you’re not near the ocean.

A lot of dive centers have flexible course sessions for their scuba diving lessons, and they’ll allow you to do the dives on weekends. We are happy to cater your diving certification to match your needs, and we invite you to contact us today to learn more about the scuba diving lessons that are available in Playa del Carmen.