A lot of beginning divers are confused about which certification they’ll need in order to go to all the different dive sites they’re hoping to see. Here’s a quick guide that will help you to know which diving certification you should get.

Open Water

The open water diving certification is the first thing you should go for. It will allow you to do boat dives in any open water, including the ocean. Sometimes divers are confused about whether or not the open water certification will allow them to dive in the cenotes. To do any cave dives, you do actually need a cave diving certification. Luckily, there is a distinction between cave diving and cavern diving – and the cenotes fall under the classification of caverns.

This means that even if you just go as far as the open water certification you are still going to be able to dive the cenotes. You will need a guide with cave diving certification, but other than that you’ll be good to go.

In fact, the open water diving certification is the highest level that the majority of divers will ever feel the need to go. If you wanted to, you could pursue a higher level of certification.

Specialty Certifications

You can go on to get specialty certifications in things that interest you, or simply to improve your skills. For example, there is an advanced open water certification which is essentially an expansion of the basic open water certification. This certification allows divers to become more skilled, more ready for challenging dives and more comfortable in various situations.

Adventure diving is another specialty that’s popular with dives. This certification covers underwater photography and dry suit diving, among other things.

A basic rescue course can also help open water divers to feel more confident and safe when it comes to emergencies that can happen underwater. A diving certification involving rescue or first response is an excellent way to improve your skills.

Professional Certifications

If you wanted to pursue a career in diving, there are some certifications that can get you there. For example, a rescue diving certification or diving instructor certification. These are high level certifications that require several hours and dives, but if you want to actually make a living from your diving – you’ll need that high level of experience and certification.

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