Scuba refresher courses are available at dive centers all over the world, but you may wonder which situations actually call for taking one of these courses. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the top reasons to take a scuba refresher before your next dive:

It’s Been a While

Most divers don’t get to dive as often as they’d like, and it’s typical to go several months or even a year between dives. If that’s the case for you, taking a scuba refresher is a good idea during your next vacation. It can help to remind you of all the skills you’ve learned, and help you to re-familiarize with your equipment.

New Equipment

Speaking of equipment, any time you make major changes to your scuba gear, you should consider taking a scuba refresher. Every piece of equipment works differently and unique variances in weight can make for big changes in the dive.

You’re Feeling Nervous

If you feel nervous before a big dive, taking a scuba refresher will help in a number of ways. For one thing, diving while nervous can actually be quite dangerous. Having a panic attack underwater is a serious situation that has happened, and even a small case of nerves can increase your blood pressure and change the way you’re breathing – making for some challenges underwater. Taking a refresher course before your next dive will prevent those nerves from escalating to a dangerous level. Not to mention – you’ll have a lot more fun if you’re relaxed and confident!

You’re Preparing for a New Experience

If you’re fully confident diving in open water but you’re getting ready to do something new – like scuba diving in a cenote, a scuba refresher is a good idea. It will remind you of the technical skills that you may have been getting slightly relaxed about, and your instructor can put some extra work into any skill that needs some additional work for the experience you’re about to have. It also gives you an opportunity to show your instructor exactly where your skill level is, which can help them to decide which sites you’re ready for. It’s important to dive within your limits, and doing a refresher will help your instructor to know what that means for you. It also might mean that you get to impress them with your skill, and go on one of the more challenging dives if you’re ready to do that!

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