The thing any Scuba Diver must remember is that not only is the community under the sea beautiful, but also most bizarre, quite unusual and damn right odd!

Welcome to the witching hour when all the pretty little things have called it a day. The parrotfish are tucked up in the sea bed and the lionfish is in its cage. Did I feel a cold breeze? Well… no, not under the sea, but the water temperature drops with the sun and all the weirdos come out to play… and to prey!

An extremely different ecosystem takes over the sea as night falls. An extraordinary hierarchy, new faces, tentacles and whiskers with a whole new set of habits and quirks… this is the draw of the night dive. Much the same as the word above the water, what you know will be barely recognizable by torchlight. Your first night dive will show you a reef coming alive with hundreds of crustaceans, molluscs, crabs, lobsters, shrimps and octopus that hide in the daylight hours. Closely followed by the nocturnal predators, many of which can be spotted lurking in the back of caves or hiding in cracks during the daylight hours, but patrolling the depths in open water throughout the night. In Playa Del Carmen, Moray eels can be found preying on the meatier nocturnal nightlife such as Octopus and Shrimps, leaving the multitude of crustaceans to the Nurse Sharks, also a common guest at our after dark adventures.

Worried about your first night dive? There is no need, if you are a certified diver and you trust your instructor you should be excited. Many divers have reservations about their first dark decent but the slow pace of any night dive creates a relaxing atmosphere. You should take your time and have a good look at everything, there are many nocturnal creatures in disguise that you may not spot at first glance, your instructor will know this and stay at a pace that is comfortable to everyone.


You will be pleased to hear that the removal of the blue tint caused by the refracted rays from the sun, and the addition of artificial night lights will bring out a whole new vibrant hue to the coral, shades that you could never experience on a dive during the daytime.

Why Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen? This wonderful and world famous dive spot boasts as much of a diverse aquatic selection after dark as it does during the day. With over 6000 species of fish, eels, critters, crustaceans, shellfish and strange glowey stuff under the sea; Playa Del Carmen has more than its fair slice of the nocturnal sea life and with the right dive center you can experience it all.

We are Diversity Diving, and our Night Dive package is not only all-encompassing and professional, but it is led by our team of hand-picked professional and the best scuba instructors in Playa Del Carmen; you are sure to feel safe, comfortable and more than satisfied… take a look at what we offer and get in contact if you are ready to change your perception of the ocean at night.

This article was written by Jack Van Toorn
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