Playa del Carmen is a modern-day paradise that still holds true to its roots as a fishing village. The area is a combination of slow, easy beach life and exciting, vibrant energy. Playa del Carmen is surrounded by beautiful jungles, pristine beaches and natural underground rivers. Everything from the food, to the views, to the locals will captivate you.

But where Playa del Carmen really gets interesting is underneath the crystal clear waters. Here are some reasons why you should go scuba diving in Playa del Carmen:

Vibrant Sea Life

You’re guaranteed to see amazing sea life in Playa del Carmen. Damselfish, seahorses, parrotfish, trigger fish, lion fish and puffer fish are all examples of fish that are common in the area. Several different species of sea turtle are frequently seen by divers in the area, including logger-heads, green turtles and hawksbills. When it comes to larger animals, there are several different types of sharks, rays, octopi and squids. Whale sharks are common, and spotted eagle rays are often seen in these waters. The marine life is healthy, colorful and abundant – you will not be disappointed!

Underwater Caverns

Another incredible thing to do in Playa del Carmen is to visit the beautiful underwater caverns. There are several cenotes connected to a cave system with beautiful turquoise waters and breathtaking rock formations. Cenote Chac-Mool, “The Claw of the Jaguar” is just a quick drive from Playa del Carmen, and you will be able to dive deep into the huge Dome Room to see fossils and natural formations. Cenote Dos Ojos is also nearby, and this is a world-famous cenote of two circular caverns filled with crystal blue water. Cenote Dos Ojos is suitable for divers of all skill levels. Another nearby cenote is Cenote Tajmahal, which is renowned for natural beauty and streaming light through various holes in the ceiling. It is truly remarkable the amount of natural beauty you’ll see when you go scuba diving in Playa del Carmen.

Diving Culture

As one of the most popular destinations for divers from beginner to expert, Playa del Carmen is home to endless diver comradery. You won’t just have fun scuba diving in Playa del Carmen, you’ll also make friends and gain new skills while you dive. At every dive site you visit, you’ll find like-minded divers of all skill levels ready to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of scuba diving in Playa del Carmen.

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