While planning your wedding, all of the details of the big day can be overwhelming. Weddings, as amazing and rewarding as they are – can be extremely stressful when you get right down to it! That’s why somewhere along the way, someone invented the honeymoon. After your big day, you deserve to have a honeymoon that’s perfect. You should have the time of your life, enjoying relaxation and adventure – while somehow not breaking the bank.

And the best way to do this – is by going to scuba in Mexico.

Easy Travel

For Americans, Mexico is close to home while still offering the thrill and excitement of international travel. Not only does this mean that you save more money on less travel, you also spend less of your honeymoon time sitting on a plane. Another advantage for Americans: no jet lag!

One of the best things about scuba in Mexico is the wide variety of accommodations. There are several inexpensive but high quality places to stay. Then again, if you want to splurge, there are several high-end hotels that cater to honeymooners.

Physical Challenge

It’s a proven fact that we all remember things better when we are doing physical activities. So if you want memories of your honeymoon that last for a lifetime, add some sort of physical activity. Doing something active together will bring you and your new spouse closer together. And since the scuba certification requires you to take classes before you go on your first dive, you’ll have several opportunities to learn and grow together even before the big trip.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to keep your diving skills forever – diving at dive centers or local spots for years to come.

Pure Joy

The environment in Mexico is extremely relaxing. The area is surrounded by jungles and cenotes, and of course the pure white pristine beaches. There are historical sites to see, many of them dating to the Ancient Mayan civilization.

And there is nothing in the world more emotionally relaxing and reviving than scuba. The crystal clear water creates a surreal environment, with the hot jungle sun streaming through its clear depths. In the open water, the sea life is vibrant and varied. There are swarms of sea turtles and whale sharks during several months of the year.

Scuba in Mexico offers a truly unforgettable honeymoon experience that can’t be beat anywhere else in the world. Contact Diversity Diving for more information about fantastic dive adventures for your upcoming celebration!