Scuba diving is becoming a more popular hobby every year. As the desire for a lackadaisical vacation is replaced by a drive for excitement and challenge, scuba offers the perfect solution. And as scuba divers everywhere finish up their certifications and begin to search for locations for their first destination dives, everyone is asking: where the world’s best dive sites?

Australia is considered an excellent destination for divers. There’s several healthy reefs along the coast and they are frequented by a huge variety of wildlife. The problem is that Australia is an expensive place to visit, and many people don’t want to spend the money required to travel to such a distant location.

When it comes to world-class scuba diving, Mexico is my top recommendation.

There’s nowhere in the world better for scuba diving! When you go scuba diving Mexico, you have a wide variety of options. For open water swim, a boat can take you to the incredible and healthy coral reefs that dot the coast. They rival those in Australia for natural beauty and marine life. There are some wrecks to explore, and several sights with interesting geological formations such as drop-off’s and caverns.

During the summer, Mexico is the best place in the world to see whale sharks. These gentle giants draw people from all over the world during the peak months of the whale shark season. Be sure to include a whale shark swim in your plan.

And Mexico offers amazing natural dive sights that are unmatched anywhere else in the world. These are the cenotes. They are entrances to the vast underground river that lies beneath the jungle floor. If you are planning on going scuba diving Mexico, the cenotes are one of the biggest reasons to go. If you’re a lover of geology and nature, you’ll be fascinated by the rock formations that are literally breathtaking. If you are a lover of ancient history, the rich historical meaning behind the cenotes will fascinate you – and you may even see some artifacts are remains while you’re diving.

And if you’re wondering how you’ll afford all of the travel that comes with scuba diving, Mexico is a perfect solution. It’s a short and affordable flight, and it’s much easier for Americans to afford than going to Australia. Even if you are from another country and will have to take a longer flight to get to Mexico, it’s worth the trip thanks to the long list of scuba package options.

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