For over 40 years, PADI has been the premier scuba certification organization in North America, but all of that is changing. In November 2014, North and Latin America was introduced to the newest certification organization that has quickly taken over Europe, Australia, and Africa. RAID scuba diver training is now the premiere organization that allows students to study online in their own home and spend more time in the water once they reach their vacation destination.Dive Raid in Playa Del Carmen

Scuba Diving in Playa Del Carmen is the perfect environment for the new diver with several shallow reefs with minimal current. Diversity Diving is a proud to have the best scuba instructor in Playa Del Carmen as well as the only RAID Master Instructor in Mexico and Latin America. We never say that one certifying agency is better that another, only different. So what makes RAID different? RAID has its roots in technical diving which is substantially different that recreational diving. Tec divers always practice perfect buoyancy, trim, and propulsion and their diving skills translate to a more competent and confident diver.

Going Green

RAID is completely paperless and text books are not an option in the RAID program. A student registers for the course and is immediately given full access to the theory, quizzes, and exams that they can do at their own pace, on their own time, and on their own computer or tablet. The assigned instructor for the course will be able to follow his student’s progress throughout the course work and is available by email, phone, skype, or FaceTime to answer any questions that their students may have.

Playa Del Carmen Scuba Diving

When students complete their course theory online, there is no need to sit in a classroom when they arrive in Playa Del Carmen for their holiday. Students meet the instructor that has assisted them through their online course and then proceed to the pool for their confined water practical skills. When the pool session is complete then we move to the ocean for some reef dives and the crystal clear waters of Playa Del Carmen. Four open water dives is all that it takes to complete the RAID Open Water 20 Course. Your certification is accepted anywhere in the world that your travels may take you and it can all be completed in 3 days.

Consider the alternative to the PADI Open Water course and you won’t be disappointed. We have found that the individual diver is the primary difference but the comprehensive nature of the RAID program is sure to create a more confident diver without the bad habits.

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